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Poston's Farms
Breeding Game Fowl For Show and the Love of the Breed

         We breed show game fowl for domestic and international clients.  We offer historic and proven lines of the most durable and beautiful Gamecocks in the world.  We sell domestically and can export to other countries (You are responsible to know and obey the laws of your state or nation in regard to fowl and game fowl, their importation, use, and maintenance!).  We can ship you game fowl to your local post office, overnight.  We are located in South Carolina.

A few of the breeds we offer are

  • Asil
    Madigan Claret
    Doc Robertson Hatch
    Lacy Roundhead
    McLean Hatch
    Cardinal Club Kelso
    Law Grey, Albany
    White Kelso
    Harold Brown Grey

We do crossbreed various lines.


Lacy Roundhead Stag



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Know your rights.  WE KNOW OURS!